Aerial shot of the front of the house.  Aerial shot of the side of the house.
Aerial shot of the barn and the roundpen.

These three photos show the house as it is today and were taken by Scott Mason in the fall of 1999.

1976 Aerial shot of the front of the house.

This photo was taken Septemper 13, 1976 by Sam C. Legard.  We were given this photo by Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Jarvis who had the house built in the mid 1970's.

Photo of the barn after a winter ice storm.

This photo shows the barn after the ice storm we had on December 14, 2000.

Farley swimming in Catoctin Creek at the back of our property.        The view from the back of our property, looking at Catoctin Creek.

Our property backs up to Catoctin Creek!

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